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Artificial Intelligence and Gambling

Artificial Intelligence is a computer technology that is designed with application protocols. AI collects vast data and processes that information in a way we can use to improve our services. It can adapt to the information it receives to become more challenging or entertaining. The term Artificial Intelligence was first [...]

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Blackjack Card Counting – How Does It Work?

Card counting in Blackjack is a mathematical system that ensures long term success playing the game. By memorizing the cards dealt out, a player can use probability to calculate the remaining cards in the pack. That gives players an edge over the dealer and other players. A successful card counter [...]

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The Richest Gamblers in the World

The most successful and wealthiest gamblers in the world are either poker players or other skill-based games like blackjack and baccarat. When playing at a casino, gamblers want to give themselves the best chance of affecting the outcome of a game, and the best options for that are poker, roulette, [...]

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Overview of Legal Gambling Age Worldwide

Just as drinking alcohol has a legal age, so does gambling. Moreover, it differs from country to country, although 18 seems to be the most common age worldwide. Some countries are more open to gambling, such as Germany, Spain and the UK. The three countries are Europe’s biggest markets for [...]

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Is Investing The Same As Gambling

Investing isn't the same as gambling; however, there are a few subtle similarities. They both entail spending money with the expectation of receiving financial returns. They both have an element of risk that might lead to considerable financial gain. The differences are a lot more pronounced. Let’s have a closer [...]

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The World’s Weirdest & Wild Bets

There is no shortage of ridiculous and weird bets, but some take betting to the extreme. While some people bet on the horses, a football team, or a rough hand at the poker tables, that comes nowhere near the level of weirdness some punters reach with betting. People see betting [...]

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How to Become a High Roller Player

Many gamblers dream of being a high roller, but few get to turn that into a reality. The truth is it takes discipline, self-belief and sheer guts. Sure, many gamblers try a few big bets, but few manage to stay the course. The mystique of high roller gamblers is associated [...]

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