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Keno, Bingo, Scratching Tickets & Video Poker is all exciting topics bringing Canadian players a great variety of choices to bet real money funds on online. Take a break from the Slots and the Live Casino’s and dive deeper into a category that has a massive presence in local establishments all around us..

Whenever visiting an online casino, the first thing you will notice is the variety of game genres. There are slot machines, table and card games, video poker and ‘speciality’ games as well. With research from 2017 serving up impressive industry figures of US$4.4 billion in revenue from online casino related spending, there is no end to new and innovative games coming online. Nonetheless, fan favorites like bingo, keno, scratch tickets and video poker are constantly in demand, and new and improved versions of these games have sprung up.

Bingo is a game that used to be associated with church functions and charity events. Not any more! Online bingo has taken on a new lease of life with a colorful reimagining of the original and simplistic game. It is still played by covering numbers in specific patterns to win a line or house bingo victory. There can be multiple winners and in that case, the pot is split among the various winners. Just like with the real thing, you can buy multiple cards and play several games concurrently.

Keno is another hot favorite. Since it is a straightforward game it’s appeal is broad and works similarly to a lottery. You get to choose and predict numbers, also called ‘spots’, which will turn up in the next draw. You can typically make anywhere between one and 15 picks, and there are different prizes for each depending on the number of spots chosen. The keno draw involves 20 numbers which are placed in a range of 1 to 80. Once the draw takes place, you just match the drawn numbers with the ones you have selected, and the winning payout depends on the amount of correct number predictions.

Online Scratch Tickets games have become more inventive and creative while retaining their original appeal. The best aspect of Scratchers is the odds. They are a lot better than lotteries at 3:1, and some online versions offer prizes reaching CA$100,000! New Scratch Tickets and games provide the gratifying excitement of virtual gaming along with the anticipation of winning actual money. These games are not limited to just scratching away to reveal three numbers. They come in adventurous formats like Mega Safe, Slot Super 7, Fantasia, Tropical Fruit, Golden Island and Zodiac. These kinds of Scratch Card games provide entertainment while playing and improved chances of winning.  

The popularity of Video Poker has never been higher than now. It expands and improves on the table versions in many ways that appeal to online casino players. The card game is by far the most popular in the world, and the video version of poker brings with it several advantages for online players. The game has HD quality video graphics which follow the flow of the game. A notable difference is that video poker is played against a machine with no other players at the virtual table. Video poker games come in various versions with limits to suit everyone. There are popular variants such as Joker Poker, Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Caribbean Stud and Classic Poker. The card game has a broader audience now than it has ever had, previously restricted to land casinos or private, secret sessions. Most online casinos now offer a good selection of video poker games to interest even the most casual player. You don’t have to be a top rated professional poker player to enjoy video poker, but a humble slot fan is enough to peak the interest.

All the above games can generally be played on a desktop or accessed via a mobile device and enjoyed in Instant Play mode. The rules are simple enough for a child to understand, and the potential winnings can be heavenly. Whether playing bingo, keno, scratch tickets or video poker, you can expect a graphically pleasing visual experience at an online casino, not to mention the potential of lucrative winnings.

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