Many gamblers dream of being a high roller, but few get to turn that into a reality. The truth is it takes discipline, self-belief and sheer guts. Sure, many gamblers try a few big bets, but few manage to stay the course. The mystique of high roller gamblers is associated with a life of luxury, partying, alcohol and unrestrained abandon. Real high rollers get to enjoy the best a casino has to offer, such as free accommodation, limousines, and private tables and jets. In truth, high rollers have money to burn, no qualms about using it, and no fear of gambling money away. They tend to experience the best perks casinos have to offer and thoroughly enjoy the coveted status of a high rolling gambler. However, the perks of a land casino aren’t identical to what high rollers receive at online casinos. The former provides a glamorous lifestyle, while online casinos reward high rollers in other ways that are possibly even more beneficial than a worldly luxury. Internet casinos offer different perks such as enhanced playing conditions, optimum bonuses, higher depositing and withdrawal limits, and better comps. What are the bread and butter requirements to become a high roller?

Know Your Game

The first rule is to know your game inside out. Casinos are notorious for their sizable game lobbies. The English proverb Jack of all trades, and master of none, is never more true. It is far better to learn one game back to front than twenty superficially. You won’t be increasing your chances by playing more games, but playing one specialized game will give you the edge. You should spend time trying out many different games with low stakes before finding one you prefer to bet more substantially. Find something easy for you to play and understand, and it will make you feel a little more comfortable. It is a massive benefit if you are comfortable playing and also allows you to reach your potential.

Set Your Budget

Setting your budget beforehand is the golden rule to become successful at gambling. You should not deviate from it no matter what. Superseding your pre-set budget is the fastest way to lose. If you can afford to lose CA$5,000, leave it at that. Chasing your losses by spending more than you can afford won’t help you become a winning high roller. There’s always that win lurking around the corner, but that turn of a friendly card you are expecting might be unattainable.

Pace Yourself

If you are staking CA$10 a spin for an hour, your loss rate is far higher than betting CA$1. You should plan your bankroll based on the number of bets you place. Learning how to control your losses and wins over time is the recipe to success at high-stakes gambling, whether online or at a land casino. It will ultimately determine how you end up at the end of your session.

Keep Your Emotions in Check

The more you manage to control your emotions, the less chance they have of affecting your play. You mustn’t let a temporary losing streak wreak havoc on your confidence. It will negatively impact your capabilities. On the other hand, a long winning streak can instil you with overconfidence, leading to losses down the line. You must keep cool while at a high roller casino. Know when to slow yourself down and speed up at the right moment with higher bets.

Better Rules For High Rollers

Casinos value gamblers who bet CA$1,000 a hand than those staking CA$1. They reward higher bets with better rules. Casinos offering blackjack tend to have more favourable rules for high limit blackjack tables. The same goes for other popular games like poker, craps, and roulette. You may find that some casinos offer roulette games with a house edge of 1.35% for French Roulette to players betting higher limits. Low stakes players may only get American Roulette, which has a higher house edge of 5.26%. Casinos make more money from high rollers, which is why they can afford to offer better rules to VIP gamblers.

Higher Depositing And Withdrawal Limits

Most online casinos have VIP programs that favour players who bet high. They generally reward with larger comps and better perks, including higher depositing and withdrawal limits. While the casinos invariably have minimum and maximum limits, they provide high rollers with more significant ones. If the standard limits are, say, CA$5,000 a day and CA$10,000 a week, high rollers sometimes get double that.

Becoming a VIP Player

VIP loyalty schemes tend to have levels with enhanced benefits and better bonuses, the higher the tier. Online casinos want to encourage these players, not hamper them. That enables players to earn more perks and get better points to cash exchange rates. Although the comps aren’t on the same level as land casino comps; nevertheless, they are more than welcome. Land casinos tend to offer similar games, so they try to differentiate with extravagant comps to attract high rollers and pamper to their every need. Valued players get offered free travel, free accommodation in luxurious suites, and enhanced customer service with all the finest amenities like spas and a fitness gym. They get a stocked bar, VIP lounge space, a personal butler, and casino host to handle travel arrangements, restaurant reservations and fine dining.