If we were to list all the gambling terms, vocabulary and English idioms, we would have a surprisingly vast amount of gambling terms. Instead of quantity, we will concentrate on the most common and widely used words concerning casinos. Sports betting has a different set of terms, and we’ll leave those for another time. Although many casino games are straightforward to play, specific phrases can be confusing for non-gamblers. Slang plays a significant role, and obscure idioms as well, so without any more delay, here are a few casino-related words.


An Accumulator is when wins from previous rolls add to a current stake. It virtually means you bet on two or more games and will invest the winnings from the first win for a subsequent stake. The word Parlay has a similar meaning.


Baccarat is a traditional card game where players bet against the dealer. The banker and player try to get the highest numbers and avoid lower ones before comparing cards to see who wins.

Bankroll (Budget)

A bankroll is the money a casino player earmarks and puts aside for a gambling session. It is more important for professional players to control their spending; everyone can benefit from a set bankroll.


Blackjack is another popular card game where players sit around a gaming table and play against the dealer and each other. The primary objective is to get close to 21 to win the game.

Betting Limits

Betting limits are set by casinos on most games and regulate how high a bet may reach. Many casino games have maximum and minimum bets, as do online games.

Casino Bonus

A casino bonus is a unique incentive casinos offer players for various reasons, such as signing up and depositing at an online casino. Match deposit bonuses give you an amount of money equal to or exceeding your deposit amount, according to the percentage stated.

Bonus Round

Bonus rounds are usually available with video slots and signify a ‘bonus’ game that a player can access better winning chances. Symbols like the Wild or Scatter (see below) trigger bonus rounds at random.

Break the Bank

To break the bank means the casino doesn’t have enough chips or money to pay a winning player. It might be winning more chips or money than are available on the table.

Card Counting

Card Counting is trying to outdo the dealer playing blackjack. The player memorizes the cards already dealt with, making better-informed decisions about how many cards remain in the pack and base their bets accordingly.

Classic Slots

Classic slots are stripped down, traditional fruit machines with fewer paylines than modern video slots. The minimalist approach is still popular among slot players as classic slots provide a more pure and retro slot gaming experience.

Comp Points

Comp points are given to players when they play at a casino to exchange later for cash, rewards, gifts and merchandise.


eCOGRA is a reputable testing agency that audits online casinos to ensure operating standards are fair. The acronym stands for e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance.


A freeroll is a free slot or poker tournament where players don’t have to pay an entrance fee. They can still win prizes and get incentives. Additionally, freeroll means when a hand wins or at least splits the pot.

Fruit Machine

Often found in land-based casinos and is an old school slot machine. It usually consists of basic graphics with fruit symbols, and features limited, compared to video slots.


A Jackpot is a sizeable payout on a slot machine or other games. The word jackpot refers to a special prize, which could be progressive. It may refer to several things, including being in a tight spot, a difficult situation, and an unexpected success or reward. Both meanings are symbolic, and the earliest sense was a literal meaning; a pot and jacks.

House Edge/Casino Advantage

The house edge is the advantage a casino has over players who bet at the casino. It is usually a percentage, so if the house edge of 4%, it means players can expect to lose around 4% of their stakes in the long run.

Match Bonus

A Match Bonus is when a casino matches a player’s deposit with a certain percentage, added as bonus funds into their account.

Mobile Slot

A mobile slot is a game for smartphones and tablets. The game is mostly identical to the web version regarding how it plays; however, optimized for mobile play.


Most or nearly all slot machines have these. They are a line of symbols that can form a winning combination. Matching symbols will need to fall on these lines to win. Paylines will vary from game to game and can come in all different shapes and sizes. Some slots may have reduced paylines, as little as one, while other casino games may have hundreds or thousands.

Pay Table

The Pay Table displays information that will tell you how the game works and how much you will win. A paytable will show you how much the symbols are worth and explain the slot symbols to know how the game and features work.

Progressive Jackpot

A progressive jackpot game is where the prize pool gets more significant as more players place bets on the game. They often link to a network of slots that share the pot. The jackpot will continue to grow until won, which can be in many ways, including randomly triggered. Once won, the progressive jackpot will reset itself and start again.

Random Number Generator

A Random Number Generator creates a random, unpredictable sequence of numbers. Although there are many uses of RNGs, they are mainly used to determine online casino games.


Used in slots, it is the rotating element of the game, which is full of symbols. Different slot games have different sets of reels; one of the most common is five, and classic slots and known for having three reels.


Roulette is a game where the ball lands in one of the pockets. Players can place several bets that try to predict where the ball falls. The game has three popular variations, which are American, French, and European Roulette. The latter provides better odds than the former.

Royal Flush

In a game of Poker, this is known as the money winning hand. Players can get a Royal Straight Flush or a Royal. It comprises an Ace, King, Queen, Jack or Ten from each suit.

Video Poker

Video poker is almost identical to five-card draw poker. Players discard and replace cards and win a payout if the minimum required hand wins. Some classic video poker games include Joker Poker, Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are conditions that online casinos place on their bonus offers. Players will need to wager a set amount before claiming the bonuses. It prevents players from claiming bonuses or cashing out immediately.