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A Guide to Online Slots

The first mechanical slot machines started to appear way back in 1894/5, with the Liberty Bell slot machine, which was invented by Charles Fey. During subsequent years they proliferated all over the United States, becoming a staple on land casinos alongside more traditional card and table games. Recently, they have enjoyed something of a revival and are the most popular games to be found at online casinos.

How does a slot machine work?

The way mechanical slot machines and online slot games work is surprisingly similar. The fundamental components are the same. Slot machines have a button or lever which the player can use to activate the spinning of the reels. Slot games have at least three reels and one pay line. They can reach up to seven reels and multiple pay lines. The Reels are those vertical columns that spin when the game is played. The pay lines represent the horizontal lines where the symbol combinations land. The ultimate goal is to line up similar symbols or icons on the pay lines which leads to payouts. The different symbols have alternative values so that each symbol may pay out differently to the others. Typical symbols found on early slots include; Bells, Bars, Sevens, Fruits and similar. Slots commonly contain high-value symbols, and the lower value one. The latter appears on the pay lines more frequently, yet pay out more modestly. Payouts can range from a few cents, up to a few million dollars. There are multiple different types of slot games, with different rules and payouts. Online slots have a broader variety of games, many of them adventure themed, 3D video slots with cinematic qualities and breathtaking design. The more traditional 3-reel slots come across beautifully online, and progressive jackpot slots have pots that continually inflate as long as they are not claimed. There are also fixed jackpot slots, with a predetermined payout gained by landing a specific game symbol.

Tips and Tricks

The nature of slots is that they are random. There is no sure-fire method to guarantee winning. Nevertheless, some basic tips might increase the chances of winning. Reading the rules and understanding the controls is vital. Players should also familiarise themselves with the game symbols, their values, winning combinations, and the maximum/minimum betting limits. Another good idea is to set a bankroll limit, and not supersede it for any reason. Choosing a quiet and relaxing environment is conducive to wagering in peace, tranquillity and without interruptions. All online slot games have a Payout Percentage, or, Return to Player (RTP). Choosing one with a high percentage means the game will pay out at a better rate. Look for 97% or higher. The bankroll will also determine if players want a high or low volatility slot. Keep in mind that high denomination slots pay out more, as they have a higher payout percentage. The smaller denominations offer longer playing times, entertainment value, mingled with more frequent, but lower payouts.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpot slot games have a common pot that participating players contribute a small amount towards, as they play. These pots can sometimes reach enormous value, reaching well into the millions. Progressive Jackpots can be found on 3-reel slots, generally as a single jackpot. 5-reel slots, on the other hand, may have several progressive jackpots incorporated. Furthermore, there could be a multi-tiered, progressive system with several levels. To stand a chance of winning a progressive jackpot prize, players would typically need to bet the maximum coin amount on all the pay lines.

Interesting Online Slots Features

Many online slots invariably contain great special features. Take the Pick ‘em Bonus slots for instance. They allow players to choose onscreen bonuses. These kinds of slots pay out relatively frequently compared to others. Looking out for slots laden with bonus features and other incentives increase their value to players, and contribute towards additional chances to win a payout.

Cold Facts & Final Words of Advice

There is no difference if players start betting high, then switch to low bets. Psychologically, most players start betting low, so doing the exact opposite might give you a slight edge! Random really does mean Random! Every spin of the reels on any slot is entirely arbitrary. The outcome does not depend on previous turns, each spin is a completely independent event. Furthermore, the Random Number Generator (RNG), ensures hot or cold slots do not exist in the long run. In the short term, slots with a single operator have been recorded with over 120% RTP over a certain period of time, rightfully qualifying it as hot. Quitting when ahead ensures players have a ready-made balance for the next session. Be content, and enjoy the moment of victory, no matter how small it is. At the end of the day, the best way to approach playing a slot game is to play for fun. That is the best piece of advice players can get. If a win comes, it’s a bonus. The aim should be to have a good time. It is a game after all! The primary objective of playing an online slot should be to have fun. Playing often enough, yet in moderation, while staying within one’s means will eventually lead to winning payouts. What goes around, comes around!

Jackpot Slots

Jackpot Slots Winning a jackpot is a high point of any player‘s gaming experience. The plethora of slots out there today ensure players get a good selection of different types of jackpot slots. Online jackpot slots often have impressive features and offer high payouts. There are jackpot slots with immersive [...]

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