Many people see the life of a casino dealer as glamorous snd exciting, and to a certain extent, it is. You get to meet rich and famous people, experience the thrills of the casino from the other side, free meals, and much more. A Casino dealer is a fun profession, but only as fun as you make it. If you go to work miserable, you won’t enjoy it.

A casino dealer has to give undivided attention to the game, and focus on pleasing players with a professional service, and make sure players have the best experience without trouble. Moreover, a casino dealer must maintain a flawless appearance throughout and look good from all angles. The croupiers or dealers represent the casino, so the more well-groomed, the better the casino. Dealers also need a lot of patience and can deal with agitated players who suffered heart-breaking losses and often take it out on their dealer. In some instances, it could lead to physical injury if a player becomes violent and abusive. Working as a casino dealer is relatively easy for the pay rate. Besides meeting exciting people, punters, and celebrities, the job is fun. If you are a social, outgoing person, it’s perfect; however, if you are shy, it can help you come out of your shell. Let’s see what pros and cons there are working as a professional casino dealer, shall we?

The Pros

International Qualification – A casino dealer who holds a roulette license, blackjack, Baccarat license has an internationally recognized qualification and work anywhere in the world.

Free Meals for Dealers – Most casinos provide food and beverages for their dealers with at least one complimentary meal a day. Some casinos offer employee dining areas with no limit on how many meals you have.

Free Beverages for Dealers – Most dealer recreation rooms provide bottled drinking water, minerals, coffee, tea, and some even natural fruit juices. There is often a TV set in break rooms for relaxation and entertainment.

Breaks for Dealers – A typical dealer rotation on the gaming tables is around six hours of work during an eight hour day. Casino dealers tend to work for one hour or 40 minutes, then take a 20-minute break.

Short Training Period – A benefit of the job is how easy it is to become a casino dealer. You need a standard level of education and have to follow a two-week training period.

Benefits & Perks – Casino dealers and other employees in the field receive numerous job benefits, including health and medical insurance, performance bonuses and more.

Salary & Tips – Casino dealers can make a lot of money from tips to supplement the salary. Apart from decent pay, generous tips from players, especially in up-market casinos, can make a massive difference. You don’t get the chance of receiving significant recommendations in many jobs. Although the pay at casinos is close to minimum wage, dealers make the most money from tips. The holidays provide the best opportunities to make money, although you’ll have to work at it. Christmas to New Year is the busiest, and you could be working 20 days straight.

The Cons:

Costly Training – Training for live casino dealers is not always paid for by the casino. The dealers often have to pay for the training themselves, and it is quite costly. The training fees increase depending upon the game specialization.

Once in a while, you’ll probably have to deal with unruly, aggressive players, and the higher up the hierarchy, the worse you may have to handle. It’s the same as many other jobs; however, in casinos, the problems you may have to deal with are nothing but hot air. It can be frustrating at times. Some casino dealers take things too personally. Punter might lose money, and you might get called names. Don’t assume that personally. Just pass it on to your supervisor and smile as they get kicked out. If you are female, you may get propositioned and flirted with by male gamblers, slightly different from other people. You can get burnout. Some dealers fall into a pattern of work, sleep, get up and go to work again. Night Shift workers should be prepared to work long nights.