Largest Digital Event and Esport Tournaments in the world

DreamHack is a dream made a reality. The world’s largest digital festival and a venue for gamers, significant events are held throughout the year and every year since inception in 1994 in Sweden. The events are hosted all around the world, and the core of DreamHack has always been the ever-growing LAN parties where participants bring along their computers, set up and fight it out for 3 days straight. As time passed, these DreamHack festivals have developed organically, maturing into the premier platform for eSports, the Internet and the full spectrum of gaming culture. The festival includes creative and intellectual competitions, live music performances, a series of lectures by industry experts, well-known content creators on Youtube & Twitch, cosplayers and a lot more.

Early Editions of Dreamhack Canada

The 2018 year’s edition was held in Montreal at the Olympic Stadium in and followed last year’s highly successful event and promised to exceed all previous expectations and records. In 2017, DreamHack attracted over 250,000 visitors, and more than 375 million people viewed the resulting online eSports broadcasts. DreamHack exclusive events are entirely focused on the LAN party! In 2015, a world record was achieved with 23,425 unique devices connected to the network. Way back in 2007, DreamHack went into the Guinness Book of Records with a record number of computers connected at a LAN party.

DreamHack is also a production company that creates engaging content focused on gaming, music, arena events and eSports tournaments like this one. DreamHack forms part of the MTG international digital entertainment group and is the ultimate way to experience a LAN event. You can just take your own equipment and gaming rig, and you can jack into the network there and then and take a shot at becoming the undisputed world champion!

What games do people play at Dreamhack Montreal?

The LAN event in Montreal includes lots of Esports, the Stream Studio, the DreamExpo, and the Fan Zone. The latter features professional players with impressive gaming profiles. You can also expect to find music on the main concert stage, Cosplay, Panels and Tabletops. The tournament will include the most popular eSports games such as League of Legends LoL, Rocket League, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CS:GO, Overwatch, Rainbow Six, Player Unknown’s Battleground and Fortnite. All these eSports games are the pick of the bunch and the most popular games out there.

The Beginning of Dreamhack

DreamHack was the brainchild of Kenny Eklund and Martin Ojes back in 1994. They were a couple of passionate young gamers who wanted to get together to play a few games. Today, DreamHack has become the number one digital festival in the world. The LAN party is the core of DreamHack’s operations, and the two major annual festivals are the DreamHack Summer in June and the Winter DreamHack in November. The Montreal LAN party is an unmissable eSports event with high stakes and a giant pool of cash waiting for the eventual winners. Players from all over the world attend the LAN parties, and they have become a mainstay in the bludgeoning world of eSports.

Preparing for Dreamhack

The way the LAN party works is that participants get a table measuring 60 cm deep and 83 cm wide, a comfortable chair, power, and LAN sockets. DreamHack supplies the fastest Internet connections available anywhere in the world. Players bring their own equipment generally consisting of a display screen and a computer or game console.

You can also bring your own chair (BYOC) and you can even take a nap in the nearby resting room if you bring your own bedding.

Since there is activity 24/7, you might want to take advantage of the sleeping facilities. One thing is for sure, the DreamHack LAN party should be on your calendar if you love eSports. The world’s best and largest eSports event attracts more fans and participants than any other similar eSports event.

It is no wonder that the DreamHack LAN party has become so successful with the massive growth the sector has been experiencing. The latest reports for 2018 point towards a total market value of USD $926.3 million. This is expected to be boosted exceptionally to almost US$2.2 billion by 2023 with a CAGR of 18.61%. The growing awareness of eSports coupled with the live streaming service available for free both contribute to the phenomenal success of the gaming genre.

The stats clearly speak for themselves, and there is no other faster-growing gaming medium or genre than eSports and the betting related to the exciting content of world-class tournaments. The steaming of the event will undoubtedly draw audiences from all over the world literally in their millions. Twitch and YouTube streaming services are free, and easily accessible from anywhere across the globe. All you really need is a WiFi connection, and you can watch and even wager on the games at the event. Welcome to the DreamHack LAN tournament wherever you are!