Where can you watch casino games online?

Today you can watch exciting casino games online and feel and see the action in real-time. A relatively new phenomenon, the games are played live in front of an online audience. Viewership numbers are impressively high and for a good reason. The casino gameplay is accompanied by a running commentary provided by the gamer, who also answers questions and interacts with their audience using a live chat feature.

The streams are hosted on the gaming platform Twitch and streams are running from all over the world 24/7. YouTube is another platform that streams live and recorded games, yet Twitch has caught on more due to the platform specializing in live game streaming. Twitch is geared towards the gaming audience and streamed live. These unique qualities set it apart from its competitors and are the reasons for its incredible popularity.

How did Twitch become so popular?

Twitch.tv has been instrumental in providing a brilliant platform to showcase these engaging games, and since inception, viewership has been surging. The popularity of Twitch goes hand in hand with casino gaming, and it has become the number one medium to showcase live casino gamed. Twitch started out in 2011 as an online platform primarily focusing on broadcasting and streaming live gaming, eSports, music and creative content which is transmitted live. In 2015, Twitch already had impressive viewership numbers with over 100 million viewers and 1.5 million broadcasts. By 2018, viewership reached 15 million a day, with 1 million concurrent users, and broadcasters reached 2.2 million. Twitch is the largest platform streaming live games and indications are that it will continue to gain viewers.


Interacting with broadcasters

The live chat feature provides a social element and a high level of interaction between streamers and viewers making Twitch unique and original. The popularity of eSports is another factor fuelling viewership on Twitch, and leading tournaments, competitions and eSports events are regularly streamed live. Twitch features players and communities from all over the world and offers a platform where everybody truly can be themself. They can all showcase their gaming skills, talents, and unique personalities to attract massive audiences.

A bustling, online community has been established due to Twitch.TV with each broadcaster having its channel and a vibrant online community surrounding them. Watching the games unfold as the player’s progress through story modes, bonus games or massive eSport finales with real-time reactions and commentating is captivating and eye-opening. Techniques and strategies are discussed during the game from competitive gaming, to story mode gaming and even casino games. The usual casino broadcaster accepts game suggestions from viewers via the live chat opening a whole new world of entertainment interaction. 


Which Casino Streamer should I watch?

There are many favourite channels and communities on Twitch streaming live games night and day. One European gambling community that we recommend watching is CasinoDaddy, a group of brothers and friends, playing various casino games on high stakes, with a loud and buzzing community always there to support them and share their own big wins. 

⦾’CasinoDaddy‘ is live most of the day, as friends and family gambles on shifts, to entertain their audience for as long as possible.

Watching broadcasters gamble allows you to share the excitement of winning, it can also give you ideas of which games to try out in the future and most importantly, what NOT to play! Another two exciting channels are ⦾’Letsgiveitaspin‘, and ⦾’ Roshtein , both with their own Twitch channels and communities. These channels are just the tip of the iceberg as new ones are coming online regularly. With so many people viewing these channels, watching casino games online has become accessible and provides a great source of entertainment and guidance.

It makes you feel like you are taking part in the event and fully engaged in the games. The live element, social aspect, and excitement of casino games all combine to recreate an experience that places you right in the heart of the action.

Technology has evolved and watching casino games has become more accessible leading to a surge in viewers and the creation of a new gaming community.