Deal or No Deal Live by Evolution Gaming

Deal or No Deal Live is a brilliant, multi-layered live game allowing an unlimited number of players to participate and play and deal for a top prize. The game was created by Evolution in conjunction with Endemol Shine. It offers non-stop 24-hour fun, excitement and the opportunity to win big. Deal or No Deal Live is an online version of the famous TV game show; however, with the added excitement of unique prize multipliers. It is another ground-breaking live title by Evolution Gaming and another unique game that is redefining the Live Casino genre. You can adjust the quality from medium to HD, according to your Internet speed, and the best playing experience, tick the auto-adjust setting.

How to play Deal or No Deal Live

The objective of the game is identical to the TV show. You need to guess correctly whether the amount of cash in the last of 16 briefcases is higher than the Banker’s offer when your host asks Deal Or No Deal? You qualify for the game show by spinning the 3-reel bank vault wheel where you need to align the gold segments on the upper central wheel sector. You can spin the game wheel as many times as you like within the allotted time to increase your chances of qualification. If you choose the latter, the gold segments on the bought rings will automatically align on the top such that it increases your wager amount by 3 times for easy and 9 times for very easy. If you do not manage to qualify within the allocated time, you automatically qualify for the following round.

Better Payouts

You have the option of selecting any briefcase to be your highest-prized. Simply click or tap on one of the available prizes values that are listed on the left and right of the stream. Bear in mind, the bigger your bet, the higher the value of the qualifying briefcase for the game show. Each spin with the highest-prize briefcase gives you 75x–500x your triggering stake. You can do that as many times as you like within the available time-frame. If you are successful, you will unlock the vault door, granting you access to the game show and moving on to the Top-Up wheel.

Deal or No Deal Live

Top-Up Wheel & Live Main Game Show

Now that you have qualified, the Top-Up wheel will appear, and you can top-up the amount of cash in your chosen briefcase to be the highest-prize briefcase by 5x–50x your stake. To do that, you need to select a Top-Up bet amount, then spin the wheel as many times as you wish in the available time-frame, and each one will cost you your bet amount chosen. Next, the primary game round begins where you enter as a contestant. You see what the studio setup looks like, and there are 16 randomly distributed briefcases. They include the Contestant’s case and fifteen others. Each briefcase contains a number from 1 to 16. Throughout the game, the host’s pretty assistant gradually opens all the briefcases revealing numbers, and the amount of cash they contain. After the briefcase openings, the Banker’s silhouette appears at the back of the studio, and he makes a Deal or No Deal offer to each player. The message is relayed on-screen, and once a briefcase is opened, it no longer participates in the show.

Deal or No Deal Live

Opening the Briefcase

There are five phases of briefcase openings. The first round offers players three of the sixteen randomly distributed briefcases. Then, Banker makes a Deal Or No Deal offer and awaits your decision. You can choose Deal, whereby the amount of money you win is displayed in the winning message and subsequently added to your balance. You are also offered to return to the qualification phase. If you choose No Deal, you continue to play on, and if you don’t choose within the given time, it signifies No Deal, and the game continues. You get another four randomly distributed briefcases, and the Banker then makes his Deal Or No Deal offers and waits for your reply. The Banker makes a different final offer. You get three options which are Deal, Switch Briefcase, or No Deal. Your decision brings about the following scenarios. You can accept the Banker’s offer and collect your winnings.

Switching Briefcases  

Choose to switch briefcases if you think the amount of cash in the remaining ones is higher. You can choose No Deal to keep your assigned case. The host opens the last two briefcases. If you decide on No Deal, you win the prize of your assigned case whereas if you choose to switch, you can win the award of the other briefcase. Your game show winnings appear on-screen, after which you return to the qualification phase. The game’s RTP percentage is 95.42%, and the payouts depend on the higher the number on the briefcase, and the multipliers inside them. They range from 0.10x your stake, up to 500x! Evolution Gaming has hit the jackpot again with this innovative take on the classic TV show a Deal or No Deal, providing new live experience players will appreciate and enjoy. The atmospheric setup and outstanding live dealers combine to serve up one of the most exciting live dealer games of all time! Try it out, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the exceptional gameplay and interactive features.