Playing Roulette without a Live Dealer

Video Roulette is a lot like the standard version of the game found at live & land-based casinos. The first thing you need to do is get yourself a stack of virtual chips from a friendly online casino and make sure to check if they provide Video Roulette. The game is played almost exactly as you would do at a land-based casino.

Just as there are several versions of land casino based roulette, like so with online roulette. Furthermore, there are enhanced online versions loaded with special features. American and European are the two most popular variants of roulette most commonly found at online casinos. Other versions include French, Vegas and California. The differences are the spaces on the wheel and the rules. The most notable difference between the American and European versions of roulette is the house edge, which stands at 2.7% for the latter, and 5.26% for the former.

Just as live casino roulette, you have the wheel and the roulette table where the bets are placed. If you are new to roulette, you will need to understand the basic game rules. Video Roulette is the perfect place to start learning as it eliminates the hustle of a fast-paced live dealer environment and you can freely take your time to come up with your roulette strategy and learn the basics in peace. 

Basics of Betting on Video Roulette

You can bet by placing your chips on the inside or outside of the table. Playing an outside bet gives you the option of betting on evens or odds, black or red. You can also bet on numbers on the first, second and third group.

An inside bet consists of betting on a specific number (straight-up), half bets (two numbers) or quarter bets (four numbers).

Betting on individual numbers generally pays out at odds of 35:1, with potential payouts for wagering on halves or quarters, are lower.

If you bet on an odd number and the ball lands on one, you stand to win something. However, if the ball lands on zero, or double zero, then you lose unless you wager on those numbers specifically. The layout of the roulette table has the wheel at the head, with the velvet table right beside.

Winning on Video Roulette Online

When the ball stops spinning and lays to rest in a groove on the wheel, the Video Roulette will pay out any resulting wins automatically and immediately. At land-based casinos, the ball thrown during the spin of the wheel falls into a slot according to gravity. With Video Roulette, the ball relies on random number generator to decide the outcome and can, therefore, credit you quick and simple, without the fuss of a live dealer having to count your total winnings.

If you select a respected and trustworthy online casino to play roulette, you can potentially bag nice and consistent winnings, with a bit of luck of course.

Most of these casinos provide useful information about playing roulette and betting effectively according to strategies, which although helpful, are not a guarantee for success. The game is essentially a game of luck, based on random outcomes, yet as with most table games, if you play long enough, initial losses can be transformed into huge winnings. Enjoy the magic of the wheel of fortune with a stressless round of Video Roulette.