Video Table Games Guide – Blackjack

A land-based casino staple, blackjack has also become a mainstay in most online casinos. The traditional card game played at a table are replaced with virtual chips, cards, dealers and HD quality video. Dubbed video blackjack, the game allows players to bet small amounts of around 20 cents, to higher limits sometimes reaching CA$100 or more. Unlike land-based blackjack, the video version only accommodates one player at a time, which gives the game a slot machine appearance. The computer-generated card images use algorithms from the 52-card deck. Standard video blackjack typically carries a 4% house edge, which is identical to the card version. What you don’t get with video blackjack is a grumpy or unfriendly dealer, the machine is always impartial and treats everyone the same. You also avoid the unpredictability of a player at the table messing up the house edge with ridiculous bets.

So what makes video blackjack so popular among seasoned gamblers? The predictability of the machine intermingled with the unpredictability of the game makes it a sure-fire winner. That is the principal reason many hard-core players prefer to gamble with video blackjack. Amateurs can play the game with low bets and slowly get accustomed to the rules and system. They do not have to feel shy or embarrassed as they probably would playing blackjack at a land-based casino with a 20 cents bet. This makes the game attractive to new and inexperienced players.

There are other significant advantages in choosing video blackjack. When you do bet high, with odds of 2:1, you stand to win more than you would at the card tables. The rules tend to be more favourable than live blackjack. Some variants even allow you to stay on all 17s, which is rarely found at any land casino today as it lowers the house advantage by .22%. You also get better comps, perks and offers when playing at an online casino, particularly for high-rollers. Also, there may be other related promotions and tournaments. There are comp points to gain that will improve your loyalty level, and much more. Cashback offers can sometimes be earned for playing, which you never get at a table.

Blackjack can be really fun to play, and video blackjack takes the game to a new level. All the magic of the classic card game is channelled into the video version and you get additional features and benefits. You can enjoy playing alone in privacy and quiet, in the comfort of your own home or even on your tablet or smartphone. You don’t need to be a seasoned pro, or an expert at blackjack to enjoy playing the game of kings.