Future Trends: Gamification

Online casinos are in a fast-paced industry and player demands must be taken into consideration. Technology advances and social trends dictate which new casino sites prosper. The ones that listen to players and invest in their business, as well as reacting quickly to trends and the competition have a far better chance of success.

Gamification features have become a big part of casino development and will continue to be a common feature throughout 2020. Many new casinos are including such elements along with a massive selection of new slots.

Rizk Casino literally invented the Wheel when it comes to setting the bar of next generation’s gamification – back in 2015 by offering one of the first automated progressive reward systems.

For every real money bet placed – your bar progressed and upon reaching a new level you got to spin the Wheel of Rizk for rewards.

Many operators recently started to focus on AI & Automation development. In a future not so distant we should be seeing highly advanced reward engines integrated with the casinos that reward players based on their personal preferences, player patterns & behavior.

Slot Graphics and Content

Branded Slots & Licensing have been around for some time. With themed slots, popular game developers are licensing brands such as D.C. Comics and Marvel and producing new branded slots. This trend has already become evident with developers like Playtech, who have recently signed such deal with D.C. Comics to provide a line of online slot machines based on superheroes and villains.

Guns & Roses has also received a slot of their own in collaboration with NetEnt giving us the guarantee that the trend of branded slots has only seen the dawn of day.

Virtual Reality Casino

Virtual Reality gaming may finally become a reality and may coexist alongside colorful emoji-themed slots. Virtual Reality is on the brink of going mainstream, with new online casinos paying close attention to developments in this area. Slotsmillion developed a VR Simulation several years back but it is unfortunately not quite what one would expect.

You enter a seemingly cold and completely empty room where there are about 10 slots machines available with a horrible latency and resolution.

It does, however, bring up our hopes for the future, as VR technology becomes more accessible to the public – more users will come to explore this digital dimension that is just now starting to evolve.

Imagine entering a virtually crowded simulation of a casino in Las Vegas – meet new people, share a laugh and play your favorite slots. Once you get bored of the setting, you might as well head over to spend the rest of your evening in Macao.. all within the blink of an eye.