The Best Offline & Online Casinos in Canada 2020

The best offline casinos in Canada provide superlative settings where there is an abundance of slots, and tables with all the classic table games. Here follow our top 5 recommendations of the best land based casinos in Canada for the year 2020.

  • The River Cree Resort and Casino, Edmonton
  • River Rock Casino Resort, Richmond
  • Caesars Windsor Hotel & Casino, Ontario
  • Ontario
  • Casino de Montreal, Quebec

The Offline Gambling Market in Canada

Online casinos and their offline counterparts are fundamentally different, yet share many similarities. In many ways, online casinos offer better odds, and a choice of slot machine games greater than the largest Vegas offline casino. Online casinos typically offer welcome bonuses and promotional offers for loyal members. The number of slot games at online casinos can run into their hundreds, sometimes even thousands. There are progressive jackpots with high payout prizes superseding those at land casinos, and some online progressive jackpots are linked across several online casinos serving up winning pots running into their millions.

High Standards of Gambling in Canada

While gambling is regulated in Canada, all casinos operating there have to follow strict guidelines, rules and regulations. This ensures a level playing field and high standards. Since online casinos in Canada are fully regulated, you can expect safe and trustworthy operators. Nevertheless, it is still advisable to fish around, as you can pick up better bonuses, better service and a higher level of online security, such as 128-bit SSL encryption software protection.

Best Online Casinos 2020 

These online casinos cater to Canadian players and provide the ultimate bonuses.

Offline vs Online Casino Experience

The overall experience at offline casinos doesn’t differ much from online casinos in Canada. Besides, you may not get casino bonuses like online gambling. Offline casinos do have a few perks you won’t get at an online casino. They would include the luxury setting in the casinos, the concerts and stage shows, alcohol and ‘live’ experience. When it comes to the nitty-gritty of gambling, online casinos supersede their offline cousins by far. There are fewer distractions and less ways to spend your money online, it’s just playing and wagering.

Unparalleled Variety of Slots

The selection of slot games at online casinos is truly impressive. The quantity merges with the quality of gaming. Some of the online slots have story-driven gameplay, bonus games, free spins, and multipliers added on to your payouts. That all adds value. The percentage returns to the player with online slots tend to be pretty high, generally between 95% and 99% RTP. That means that if you have the patience and a modest budget, you can play the numbers game, and get up to 99% of your investment back, even if you don’t hit the jackpot or win a massive payout. With the best of both worlds in Canada, you can choose an offline casino and combine your gambling experience with a luxurious holiday. If you want a pure gambling experience, without any of the glitter and cosmetics, an online casino offers a viable alternative.

Live Dealer Table Games

Table games are extremely popular all over the world, and Canada is no exception. Games like roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, and craps had been considered the exclusive domain of land casinos. Advances in technology have created the online live dealer casino. The system bridges the gap between the two, serving up an immersive and atmospheric gaming experience where you can interact in real time with the live dealers. A social element is prevalent online, and playing table and card games at an online live dealer casino take you right into the heart of the game in realistic surroundings, with all the action unfolding in real time.