Although gambling was prevalent in some form or other, European settlers brought their games when they arrived in Canada. The majority of these games were somewhat portable and easy to move from one place to another. Trappers, explorers and settlers preferred card games, including poker, blackjack, and Stook. Dice games like craps and Barbotte were also popular in Canada. These games formed the bulk of gambling activity in Canada. Up till the 1950s, gambling was tolerated as a harmless vice that wasn’t illegal. There used to be several gambling venues and illegal casinos throughout Canada’s history. Gambling laws in Canada remained unchanged until 1970. That led to legislation and a change in the criminal code, permitting each province to license and regulate casinos in their regions. That eventually led to a multi-billion dollar industry in Canada.

Where is Gambling Permitted?

Other provinces that currently permit gambling are Manitoba, Québec, Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Nova Scotia. Moreover, there is a combined Atlantic Lottery regulated by Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. The first legal, commercialized casino opened its doors in Winnipeg in 1989. Montreal followed with a new casino in 1993.

Diamond Tooth Gerties

Diamond Tooth Gerties’ is a casino and gambling hall that opened its doors back in 1971. It lays claim to being the oldest legal casino in Canada. The idea was the brainchild of the Klondike Visitors Association to promote tourism in the Klondike. The legendary Klondike Nights festival was already being hosted with a mix of live music, dancing and betting games of chance. They took place at the Palace Grand Theatre and on the SS Keno; therefore, a casino seemed like a natural progression. The City of Dawson subsequently leased KVA, a suitable building to operate and in Diamond Tooth Gerties opened in the summer of 1971.

A consultant was drafted in from Las Vegas to oversee the casino’s running and show them the ropes, and the legend was born! An original feature was a stage show with the enthusiastic cast serving drinks to patrons in between performances. Diamond Tooth Gerties was a roaring success from the outset and has improved over the years with the addition of hundreds of slot machines. Professional talent is attracted to the area, and a thriving industry continues to break records year after year. The atmosphere is like going back in time to the elegant dancehalls and dance saloons of the late 18th century, complete with entertaining shows and friendly dealers.

Cash Casino

Cash Casino is a lavish resort with much on offer. It currently comprises over 500 slot machines, local progressive jackpots, and Vegas-style tables of various limits. The betting limits are suitable for all players, and the Alberta casino is perfect for an entertaining and relaxing night out at a Canadian casino.

The Montreal Casino

The Montreal Casino opened to the public in October 1993 and is located on the island of Notre Dame, in Ville-Marie in Montreal, Quebec. The casino is presently the largest in Canada. It started as an idea by the provincial government of Quebec in 1992. It set up the Société des casinos du Québec, immediately tasking it to undertake several casinos in the province. The Montreal Casino came first and was constructed at the cost of $95 million. The new venue eventually replaced the Palais des Civilisations, which was home to the French pavilion of Expo 67, and is also used to showcase international cultural exhibitions. In its first couple of weeks, the casino attracted thousands, eventually taking in 780,000 in the first year.

Billy Barker Casino

The Billy Barker Casino started life as the Royal Casino in 1987. Initially, the first charity casino operating in the province, extensive expansion and renovation in 1999 saw the exterior redesigned as a Paddlewheel Fraser River ship of the 1920s, making it one of the unique gambling hall casinos in Canada.

Cowboys Casino

The Cowboys Casino is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It was formerly named the Stampede Casino, initially opening to the public in 1969. The casino underwent a rebranded process in 2006, leading to the current theme and name. As you would expect, cowboys are everywhere in the casino with spectacular decor and an attractive design. The casino is in the city of Calgary’s trendy Victoria Park. The Cowboys Casino is a convenient and fun destination for gambling. The games lounge has almost 35 live gaming tables and more than 350 slot machines! Everyone will find a suitable game, and avid casino players shouldn’t miss a night out at the Cowboy’s Casino for a great gambling experience. The casino has a 96,000 square foot area featuring magnificent bars, restaurants and an elegant dance hall. There’s everything from games of chance to social activities, shows and spectacular entertainment.