Millions of people gamble in some form or other, but have you ever asked yourself if you possess what it takes to be a professional gambler? It’s a difficult question to answer because no matter how well you think you know yourself, it is hard to make such a self-assessment. Many writers make it sound easy to win at gambling, but you shouldn’t believe them. Becoming a professional gambler is a psychologically demanding, ongoing process. Successful bettors are continually evolving, adapting their style of play, and changing as the circumstances dictate at that moment. One needs to perpetually evaluate opportunities, weigh the risk versus the reward ratios, and exercise proper mental discipline. Professional gamblers have a higher than average tolerance for ambiguity as the coming day’s outcome is never clear-cut. Doing your best on any given day cannot guarantee to win. Every gambler, whether a blackjack or a poker player, a sports bettor, or a horse racing bettor, inevitably goes on a losing streak. If you play long enough, some of those losing streaks can be frightening. You will start to question whether blackjack or poker are profitable games, as it won’t seem like at the time.

Positive Outlook

Taking a break from playing at a particular casino can help keep a positive outlook, so if you play your blackjack elsewhere, you might win steadily and restore your confidence after a losing streak. If you can deal with the financial and psychological consequences of gambling with a clear head, that is the sign of a professional gambler. Psychologically, you need the will to raise a new stake after losing and try again. If you find the game’s mathematics compelling and that ultimately logic will prevail, you may be a professional gambler without realizing it. No matter how skilled and how good the playing conditions are, every player eventually experiences a gut-wrenching, demoralizing losing streak. The laws of probability hold a mandate over losing streaks as surely as they mandate that you will overall win. How you deal with that situation when it happens determines whether you have what it takes to be a professional gambler.

Traits of a Professional Gambler

Big-time professional gamblers and consistent winners tend to have certain traits in common. Although not every pro possesses these characteristics; however, lacking any of them will represent a weakness that will cause trouble at some point in their careers. These critical traits include a high level of interpersonal competence, a positive attitude toward gaming and life in general, a bit of charm, a high tolerance for ambiguity, the ability to detect micro-expressions and be highly observant and alert. It would help if you were slow to anger, have the right table presence, be self-confident and slow to doubt your abilities. Moreover, it would be far better if you were self-disciplined and controlled. Flexible, adaptable, and resilient. Professionals always take good care of their bodies and mind. Maintain a healthy diet and avoid alcohol and drugs.

High Interpersonal Skills

First and foremost comes interpersonal skills and competence while interacting with others. The most successful gamblers are open, friendly, charming, and well-liked. They will go out of their way to avoid offending others and be highly tolerant of others’ viewpoints, and they always avoid arguing. They are also good listeners, and people like knowing that someone has heard what they have said. Using active listening skills and techniques, the communicator effectively paraphrases what others say, so the speaker knows he is being heard correctly. It doesn’t matter if the listener agrees or not; by accurately stating another person’s position, he ingratiates himself. People are remarkably thankful when someone listens to them attentively. This unique technique will go a long way toward cementing solid relationships with casino personnel, which are as important now as always.

In addition to sophisticated listening skills, the successful gambler possesses what has been called table presence. The player will smile readily, have an open, welcoming posture, and leans forward alertly. He or she will make eye contact with other players and casino personnel, nod while listening to others, and lightly touch on the arm when appropriate. To break that down, you should smile, keep an open posture, lean forward, make eye contact and nod when you listen. With practice, you will be able to develop these qualities further. In blackjack, they can help you tremendously in your interaction with other casino personnel. You will be more respected and liked in poker, more welcome in private games, and control during public games. The traits mentioned here are signs that you could be a professional gambler if they apply to you. Perhaps it is time to use your skills with more confidence and go on to bigger and better winnings.