A Guide to Evolution Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is an Evolution Gaming creation which injects more variety and lightening-fast action into the standard game of roulette. Evolution is best known for pioneering live dealer casino gaming. Lightning Roulette is a revolutionary game, adding one to five randomly generated numbers to the mix, giving players additional betting options. Randomly generated payouts of between 50:1 and 500:1 are awarded for Straight Up bets placed on the lucky numbers! The ‘lightning’ effect boosts the overall roulette experience. The sounds effects include dramatic lightning strikes, roaring thunder and other exciting sound effects. Designed for the live dealer casino, Lightning Roulette has set the iGaming world on fire since its introduction. The action never ceases as the multipliers keep coming, and coming, providing extra chances for substantial payouts and eye-watering visual excellence.

What’s the Difference?

Lightning Roulette is based on European Roulette, with the addition of bet multipliers. A Straight Up number with a multiplier can net a vast 500x the wager! Non-multiplied Straight Bets pay out 30:1, while all the other bets including red/black, splits, corners, and dozens pay the same as standard roulette. The game has massive multiplayer scalability, EFU which means it can be played by a virtually unlimited number of players concurrently. Furthermore, Lightning Roulette also offers a convenient Direct Game Launch system, which accepts players via links in any web page, email, or text, along with access through a casino lobby. With so many unique and exceptional features, Lightning Roulette is a tempting proposition that can provide an unmissable, immersive and atmospheric roulette experience like no other.

Lightning Roulette Multipliers

The feverish excitement Lightning Roulette provides lies in its multipliers. Five numbers are randomly selected and assigned multipliers of between 50x and 500x the bet for each spin of the wheel. These numbers are chosen after all bets have closed. It is virtually impossible to predict the numbers that have been selected before players place their bets. The multipliers are available only to players betting on straight up numbers. The biggest attraction of the game surely lies in the astronomical multipliers that grace the game, and give it the edge over all other versions of online roulette.  

Winning the Game

The Lightning version of roulette is played upon a wheel which contains 38 numbered slots which include 0 and 00 slots. There is a virtual table where to place the bets and a ball is thrown around the spinning wheel. It finally comes to rest on a numbered slot, which is the winning number. Players win if they accurately guess that winning number. They are paid out according to the paytable and the nature of their bets which may include how many chips are covering all or part of the lucky winning number. The game is controlled by a set of user-friendly game buttons which allow the setting of the bets accurately on the table board.

Live Setting

Lightning Roulette is set inside professional studios where the game is filmed and transmitted. The style is heavily influenced by the bright lights and casino heaven of Las Vegas. The background is based on glittering gold and mesmerising black. The screen is taken up by the wheel numbers, and a professional croupier oversees everything. The bespoke table top where the bets are placed is located on the lower part of the screen. The design is straightforward and has an intuitive betting system. The wheel’s number history can also be seen. Once the bet is placed, the screen will switch to a glamorous and striking roulette wheel. Welcome to Lightning Roulette.  

A flick of the Switch!

The high drama effects combine superbly with the classic elements of the elegant game of roulette. The remarkable lightning effect bursts onto the screen once the host closes the betting, and flicks a massive electricity switch is pure magic! Lightning Roulette incorporates another cool feature that shows players which bets are hot and which not. Players can get a good idea which numbers the competition is betting on. The numbers vibrate, and quiver according to how many bets are being placed in them. This unique function takes the game into the social sphere, and combined with the interaction with the croupiers serve up a version of roulette never experienced online ever before! With its slick and polished interface, unbeatable experience as well as the multiplier effect, Evolution Gaming have come up with an innovative and vibrant version of roulette that must go down on every player’s bucket list!

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