A Guide to Dream Catcher

Live Dream Catcher is much more than just a standard wheel of fortune. It takes the action to a higher level. Developed and crafted by Evolution Gaming specifically for the live dealer casino genre. Wheels of fortune games have been around for awhile, but none like Dream Catcher. Money wheels are familiar to UK and USA players due to the popularity of the TV show Wheel of Fortune. But not all wheels are the same! They come in various sizes and guises, yet the common thread is that the wheel is spun clockwise or anti-clockwise, and mounted vertically. As the wheel spins, a flexible strop of leather touches all the segments gradually slowing it down until it stops on the winning number.

Wheel Layout

Evolution Live Dream Catcher has 54 segments on its wheel and bucks the trend by serving up and alternative that takes the game into uncharted territory, and breaking new ground! Its popularity is down to several factors. It is pretty quick and easy to use, with excellent payout potential. The live experience means a host will be present in the studio where the game is transmitted which adds more realism to the game and increases player interaction. The design of the wheel incorporates numbers and stylish colours, and players can bet on numbers that correspond to specific colours. The numbers that are scarce on the wheel will pay out substantially more than ones that appear more frequently. In addition to the number and colours, players will discover the game has two multipliers that can appear on the Money Wheel, the 2x and 7x multipliers. The game is suitable for novices and seasoned players alike.

How it Works

Let’s take a look at how the game works. Before each spin players can place their bets on any of the numbers which are; 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. The lower numbers appear more frequently and pay out more modestly, while the opposite is true for the higher value numbers. The higher numbers pay out more lucratively since the bet multiplies the number. Players are allowed to bet on multiple numbers thereby spreading out the stakes, and creating virtually unlimited wagering possibilities. The host spins the wheel after the betting has closed. When the wheel lands on a winning number the payout is transferred to the player’s game account. Then the process starts again and the high-octane action starts all over again.

Betting on the Wheel

Before the wheel is spun players start the betting by placing chips on their chosen numbers. The values of these chips begin at CA$1, CA$5, CA$25, CA$500, and rise to an impressive high of CA$1,000. Players can also bet on all the numbers by using the Bet All tab, and the original chip value. The betting is open as long as the ‘traffic lights’ are green. When they turn red, the betting ceases. Some extraordinary features set Dream Catcher apart from other similar games. There is a Double bet option which doubles the value of the previous bet on the last spin. The Undo button reverses the bets just placed one by one, and the Total Bet meter shows the amount of the player’s total bets. Dream Catcher provides even more action with the inclusion of exciting multipliers. There are two multipliers on the wheel; a 2x, and a 7x. When the wheel lands on them, the subsequent number is multiplied by their value. Even more incredible winnings payouts can be won if the wheel lands on two consecutive multipliers. In this situation, the amount of both multipliers combined are added to the winning payout. The game offers genuine multiplier magic when all the multipliers appear stacked. The creates absolutely incredible multipliers of 7×7, equalling 49 x 7, ultimately rising to an unbelievable 343x!

For instance, getting a 2x multiplier, and a 7x right after multiplies the win by 14x!

Spreading the bets over various numbers increases the chances of hitting a multiplier win, so it might also be a great idea to try out several bets on the smaller numbers and one or two on the higher value ones, that way players spread their chances of winning. After landing a multiplier, it is possible to go on an unbeaten winning streak using the multiplier winnings.

Extra Options

Players using a PC can change the appearance of the game. There are two different themes on offer. The standard viewing mode has a large stream with the betting options set right below. The alternative offers a smaller live stream with the integrated chat feature, the number history and much larger betting options. Players can also regulate the sound of the game and the dealer separately and the colour contrast can be adjusted for more precise viewing. The interrogation mark symbol (?) provides information regarding the game and is worth having a look at before embarking on the Dream Catcher journey of fortune!