Bet on Esports

Betting on esports has become huge as this relatively new game genre and type of betting gets off to a flying start. Gaining traction over the last few of years, betting on eSports is now available at several online casino sites. eSports is projected to reach a staggering US$30 billion by 2020. There are currently more than one billion gamers on the planet, and there is presently a considerable fan base for eSports. Nevertheless, that is still a far cry from more traditional sports such as American Football, Soccer, Ice Hockey or Basketball. At this stage, not many people outside the eSports industry, as it has become, know of the betting possibilities and options. When you set out to bet on eSports, you should keep in mind that the winning chances and odds are extremely favorable. Following eSports games and tournaments will give you an edge as you can see directly which teams are the better ones.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? What exactly is eSports anyway? What is it about this innovative new genre that is captivating the imagination of gamers all over the world? The nature of these games is that they are played in a competitive environment, with players pitting their unique gaming skill sets against one another. Of course, the temptation of winning a tournament is the ultimate objective, which in itself is nothing new and has been happening for a while now, ever since computer gaming consoles started to mushroom a couple of decades ago. In those days, the only way to play against another player was to sit in front of the same game console. With the advent of the internet and cheap WiFi, everything changed. You can now play against anyone, anywhere in the world while sitting on your sofa. Of course, not all gamers play against one another, but the trend is on the increase. Moreover, many players today are what is termed ‘casual gamers’, who enjoy solo games.

There are several options on the table for betting on eSports. The most obvious is betting with real money. The less common betting options include Skin Betting, Social Betting, Fantasy Betting and Challenge Betting. Real cash betting is almost identical to betting on other sports. You place a money wager, and if your call is correct, you get paid in kind at the set odds. You can bet on the outcome of games or the tournaments.

Skin betting has taken off to become extremely popular among eSports fans. Many modern day games have virtual currencies or coins that may be interchanged among players. This has resulted in dedicated websites springing up and operating as currency exchanges. There, players can swap, buy or sell the currency and even exchange it for the most popular and sought-after video games. Besides, there are betting sites where players can use the currency to gamble there. They can also be used to wager on the outcome of several eSports contests and other forms of gambling in place of real money.

Social Betting involves online contacts or friend staking informal, modest wagers among themselves. The bets can be for Skins, real money, or other valuable items. This form of betting is not recommended as there is no safety net if your opponent refuses to cough up the promised winnings. It is therefore considered somewhat risky. Fantasy Betting is not technically betting at all as it is, in reality, a fantasy, if that makes any sense! The rosters are structured using eSports players instead. Challenge Betting is otherwise referred to as head-to-head wagering. Players compete against each other for the spoils of war, which could be Skins, cash or other items of value. In this instance, the players agree among themselves regarding the settlement. The most popular form of betting is real money stakes, which offer the strongest chances of gaining a healthy profit and lucrative return.

Betting on eSports means understanding the games. That way you will be able to make valued betting decisions. You do not have to be an expert; nevertheless, you will need a basic understanding of the games and strategies being played out. There are currently several popular eSports games being played internationally; however, the most prominent ones are the following, League of Legends LoL, Overwatch, Rocket League, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CS:GO and Rainbow Six. Besides comprehending the games, you will also need to become familiar with the structure of the various eSports contests, tournaments and competitions.

Professional eSports takes casual gaming to a whole other level with high incentives for the winners. Besides the substantial live audiences eSports events offer, they are complemented by an audience of millions online through the extensive and free streaming service on Twitch or YouTube, which is an excellent way of following your favorite teams and tournaments. The bigger TV networks are vying to get in on the act, which means the growth potential of the genre could explode. Broadcasters like ESPN are already covering and transmitting eSports contests on their channels. Professional eSports is maturing into an industry in its own right and drawing more fans by the day.