Video poker is a casino game that you can influence with skill and technique. It is one of the few casino games with decent odds and a lower house edge. Unlike slots, keno, bingo and wheels of fortune, video poker is the gambler’s favourite at land casinos and online. While luck does play a role, with patience and knowledge of the game, you can win more than any other game over time.

Did you ever wonder why the wagering requirements are higher for video poker? Slots typically contribute 100% towards wagering requirements for bonuses, while video poker only contributes 10%, 5% or nothing. That tells you something about the game. It is one of a handful of games that you can use strategy to win without relying entirely on luck. You can influence the outcome of video poker, and your skills can make a tangible difference.

Playing Alone

Video poker is different from table poker, where you have to contend with skilled or professional players. You play alone against the machine, which already gives you an advantage. There is no psychological pressure you get with live poker games. There are no pit bosses, crafty dealers, or competing players who analyze your moves to take advantage or comment on your play. That aside, other benefits of video poker can help you to win.

How can you go on a winning streak?

There are numerous books about playing the game effectively to win over a period written by successful players. The first thing is to learn how to play poker and become familiar with the rules. Secondly, look for games with better payouts, whether Jacks or Better, Joker Poker, or Deuces Wild. Check the paytables to see which ones pay better. Land and online casinos provide a paytable for each variation. If you possess the right skills, use basic strategy, and have an in-depth knowledge of poker, you won’t have to count solely on luck.

With that in mind, you can go on a winning streak and beat the video poker machine. Experts confirm that you are five times more likely to get a royal flush playing video poker than the traditional variety. That makes it one of the better casino games out there. It’s a compelling argument to switch from slots to video poker if you want to win consistently. Besides all this, you do need a strategy before jumping blindly into the game.

Choose Wisely

Here we look at a few tips to win at video poker. Knowing which variant to play is essential, so if you choose one with the lowest house edge and variance, such as Jacks or Better, which is a full-pay game, and Deuces Wild is another viable option. You want to look for the lowest house edge for obvious reasons. It has the lowest barrier against you. A low variance game is also favourable as you can keep bankroll fluctuations manageable and reduces your bankroll requirements.

Learn Video Poker Strategy & Avoid Distractions

Learning strategy is vital to success, and there are many ways you can do that today. You can practice using a free application on any device such as a phone, tablet or desktop computer. Keep playing for free until you ate confident enough to start wagering for real. It’s essential to keep in mind that every misplay or wrong guess gifts the casino your money, so that isn’t a trait that leads to success. Moreover, avoid distractions and try and maintain a general schedule as you would in your daily life. Distractions will mess with your rhythm.

Set a Time Limit

Keep your playing sessions within a reasonable length. If the game ends up dragging on too long, your effectiveness will wane rapidly. If you want to play for long, have an hourly break to refresh your mind and avoid making mistakes. It enables you to recharge your battery and relax. Studies show that short breaks are vital for concentration, and being tired leads to errors and impaired judgement. Professional gamblers are well aware of that and regularly take breaks.

Avoid Excessive Alcohol 

If you play at a land casino, the temptation to consume alcohol is more significant than playing video poker online. There It will undoubtedly cloud your judgement and give you a false sense of security by dulling the senses. Many gamblers indeed drink while they play, but be sure that they aren’t the most successful ones. It’s reasonable to have a drink or two, but drinking too much isn’t a characteristic of an effective player.


To win consistently at video poker, you shouldn’t think like a gambler. You have to adopt a conservative approach and take the game seriously. You can achieve your goal by following guidelines that will help you play more effectively. They include avoiding stupid mistakes, choosing the right video poker variant with the lowest house edge, playing slower and smarter. Of course, you need to be a knowledgeable video poker player by understanding the game. Moreover, you should be frugal, alert, observant and make sure you are adequately funded. Be prepared, careful and reflective. Patience is golden, as you will surely not win every session, so keeping your cool will endure long-term success and set you on course for a winning streak, and let’s face it, winning is what it’s all about.