Scratching Tickets

Scratching Tickets, sometimes called Scratch Cards are regularly found at online casinos. The simplicity and potential wins are an unbeatable combination. Standard Scratchers are inexpensive and easy to purchase from almost any store but the average return to play (RTP) ranges about a terrible 45-50%. The same can’t be said of the online equivalent where the RTP averages up to 92-97%. They are a huge favorite among punters at online casinos, and it is hard to come by a casino that does not offer them in one way or another. Very much similar to traditional lottery tickets, there is a wide assortment of different Scratchers that are available with grand cash prizes. It is even more straightforward to acquire Scratch Cards from dozens of online casinos that operate all over the world. They usually compliment the Scratchers with other specialty games like bingo and keno, and they are sometimes paired with blackjack, roulette and even poker.

While some sites specialize in sports or eSports betting, other focus more on slots. Scratchers can often be found at both, yet are more commonplace at online casinos offering slots and table games. Most online betting sites do offer Scratch Cards of some sort or other. Just as there are many types of roulette and blackjack, with Scratchers the choice is even better. There are dozens of different themes that can be played out with real money. Incredible as it may sound, some sites offer over 100 different virtual Scratch Cards, such is their popularity. There are those based on slot games, birthdays, fantasy and adventure. There is a theme to suit every taste and preference.

The spaces are revealed with the touch of a button which eliminates the messy scratching process of actually rubbing the card with a coin. You can use the AutoPlay function to speed up the process and eliminate unnecessary waiting. This ingenious feature allows you to play another game at the same time as the Scratchers. The feature is one of the many exclusive to Scratchers and along with a host of other benefits make it an attractive proposition for many serious and casual gamblers. The stakes range from tiny bets of a few cents all the way up to substantially higher stakes.

Another significant variation between the two types of Scratchers are the bonuses and promotional offers often attached to the online versions. There are all kinds of them on offer. From obligation free offers to part of a welcome package. You might be offered a Match Deposit bonus complimented with Scratchers. As with all offers, it is essential to check the small print, bonus terms and conditions. Scratch Cards are fun and readily available but does not always contribute to the wagering requirements.

They are easy games to play and can provide endless hours of entertainment with a small bankroll. No wonder Scratch Tickets are found at most online casinos.