Gambling statistics reveal that over 25% of the population gamble in some form or other. That means over 1.6 billion people gamble, and 4.2 billion gambles once a year or more. Online gambling statistics and demographics in the UK show that 17% of the population gamble online. That results in around £5.3 billion gambling revenue for the online market. The US indicates significantly different numbers. Only 3% out of the 4.2 billion in 2016 admitted they gamble regularly online. The number undoubtedly increased dramatically in the following years with revenue of $307 billion in 2018 for the online gambling market in the United States, while Canada is also experiencing a spike in online gambling.

Players who are suddenly unable to frequent a land-based casino to play slot, blackjack, or roulette migrate in droves to online casinos as the 2020 pandemic shuts down large gatherings. With lockdowns and curfews, people have to accept disruptions to their daily lives that are very challenging. The stress and boredom of such restrictions and not finding entertainment options at sports games, theatres, cinemas, clubs, and venues have seen a tremendous increase in social media usage. Players who miss going to gambling venues and the cancellation of many sporting events have compelled them to migrate online. It is one of the limited sectors that has experienced a boom during the pandemic— online video slots, poker, casino games, eSports and virtual sports the biggest winners.

Access to WiFi & Internet

With the internet becoming a necessity, almost every industry has turned digital. The casino industry is also following those steps to become mostly dependent on online sites to gain more customers. These platforms allow their users to place bets from anywhere in the world. That essentially means you can commence your betting adventure even if gambling happens to be illegal in your country. Technology such as a VPN makes it seamless and easy to step into the online casino realm with a reliable site.

Increased Choice of Games

Land casinos tend to offer far fewer games than online casino venues. What is lost from physical, social interaction is compensated by hundreds of table and slot games on offer. The games offer high-quality graphics to include animation, 3D-motion effects and background music that add to a good play experience.

Convenience & Flexibility

Online casinos and sports betting sites see a drastic rise in the number of players since gamblers miss land casinos, limiting customers or even shutting down entirely as a non-essential business activity. Nevertheless, people new to casinos are looking for alternative ways to offset their boredom and the inability to enjoy usual entertainment or are stuck at home. Casino games are broadly accessible on mobile phones providing a new form of gambling and entertainment.

Mobile Devices: Smartphones & Tablets

In 2020, mobile casino gaming already established itself, offering hundreds of top-notch slot machines, card and table games, including classics such as baccarat, craps, blackjack, poker and roulette to play for real money on smartphones and tablets. With intense usage of mobile devices worldwide, it has been easy for players to try online casinos for the first time or make the shift from a PC to play wherever they are, whenever they want.

Slots: The most Popular Casino Games

Online casinos offer entertaining games that also provide good payout prizes. That is particularly true for online slots. Online casinos give tremendously generous welcome bonuses to new players and other bonuses and promotions to existing patrons. If you want to try new games, online casinos provide demo games to practice to see how the game functions before deciding to deposit your cash.

Live Dealer Betting

Players who enjoyed playing at land casinos before the pandemic are now participating in live dealer online games. Thanks to the highly advanced technology, live poker and other casino games enable players to interact with several other contestants worldwide or with friends while on the same gaming table being served by a virtual live dealer. Players can use a live chat function with the live casino dealers and use software to communicate with other players on the same virtual table.

Bonuses & Free Spins

Online bonuses and casinos go hand in hand. The platforms pour a lot of money into marketing, and the rewards are never outdated or curtailed. You will undoubtedly discover numerous online betting sites and online casinos that provide handsome rewards and bonuses. Ensure you go through that vital aspect cautiously and only proceed with a website that keeps your interests firmly in mind. Apart from the industry-standard welcome bonuses, it certainly helps when you receive many other freebies from time to time. It would be best to watch out for that while looking to sign up at an online casino.

Free-Play Demo Game

Free Play is one of the most distinguishable features that end the never-ending online battle against offline casinos. No land casino allows its patrons to try games and bet without wagering real money. On the flip side, online casino venues let you practice infinitely using the free demo mode. If your casino offers the demo mode, you are all set to practise your gaming techniques and strategies.

Cryptocurrency Casinos

Cryptocurrency casinos have been making a splash over the last couple of years. They are far more secure and private compared to traditional online casinos. Such online casinos work with decentralized cryptocurrencies, and third parties cannot interfere with your transactions and activities at a Crypto online casino. Your transactions and activities with online casinos are anonymous, making these casinos private, safe and secure.